Cyber readiness of Canadian manufacturing sector ‘worrisome,’ says CATA VP

By Howard Solomon Howard Solomon, IT World Canada, 28 November 2019. -- The state of cybersecurity in advanced Canadian manufacturing and critical infrastructure firms leaves a lot to be desired a survey conducted earlier this year shows that only 30 per cent of compoanies are mature -- i.e. they have a full-time CISO, a written cyber security plan and they regularly conducts penetration tests. Although Canada has a national cybersecurity strategy and has been encouraging organizations to improve readiness since 2010, the survey findings are alarming. [Full text.]

Reflections on the Telecom Decade 1992-2002

Proceedings of the conference on “Convergence: Foolish expectations and dashed hopes” held in Montreal in November 2002. Excerpts from the panel: “Who helped create the euphoria?”. Published in 2003 by the Canadian Media Research Consortium, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

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The electronic doors of the 21st century

Partners in telecommunications,
Vol. 4, No 1, January/February, 1996
Magazine for Bell Employees in Quebec

In the traditional telecommunications-network economy, bandwidth was rare and difficult to increase due to the engineering costs associated with installing new lines, whereas switching was relatively inexpensive. As a result, today's trans-Canadian network comprises 41 toll switches. That is all changing, however, with the arrival of fiber optics and virtually limitless transmission capacity. Now, increasing already enormous bandwidth is simply a matter of modifying optoelectronic terminal equipment.

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Countries of the Crescent

The next telecommunications revolution will take place in the Middle East and North Africa , a region that bas an abundance of natural resources (oil) and human resources. Member countries of the ARABSAT satellite system also enjoy the technological independence they need to undertake a growing list of ambitious projects. In addition, the number of fibre-optic links to Western Europe and the Pacific Rim is constantly increasing. The Middle East and North Africa -the cradle of civilization-are poised to become a major telecom hub.

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