Cybersecurity in Canada - 2019

Fredericton, NB, December 06, 2019 – The report “Cybersecurity in Canada, survey of Cybersecurity in Canadian Manufacturing and Critical Infrastructure” is now available: there are 70% of “bad students” in cybersecurity in the most advanced sector of the Canadian economy.

Advanced Manufacturing Sector

(Initiative on the Automation of the Manufacturing Sector in Canada), April 2017

Manufacturing in Canada appears to have stopped its decline. The relocation of activities to Asia or Latin America seems to be offset by domestic industry creation. But it is not a return of the companies of the past.

Around the world, a highly automated, state-of-the-art enterprise is emerging with connected equipment in a centralized IT system. Manufacturing is fast becoming a high-tech sector.

The Other Computing

(Is Canada Ready for the Internet of Things?), March 2012.
Embedded systems are a horizontal technology, but their applications scopes are vertical. Many people are studying the embedded system itself, but the real challenge is to apply this knowledge to vertical applications.

That is why I introduce myself as a software engineer who migrated to energy applications. I speak both “electric motor” and “embedded software”.

Advanced Security Canada

(Industry Profile: 2010-2012), November 2010.

All too often companies consider security as an information technology and communications (ICT) issue, while it is primarily a governance issue.

Security is a strategic issue that should be addressed at the CEO level of the company and its board of directors. Unfortunately, most managers and administrators are mainly concerned with the outline of the regulatory..

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