GAPPA responds to the Sciencetech study

The citizen movement GAPPA, close to the student movement,criticizes (severely) the study of Sciencetech on the role ofsocial media during the 2012 spring strikeina video posted on YouTube.The main criticisms relate to the margin of errorand illustrations of the study.

therefore that indicate global trends. That is why,

The other big criticism concerns our way of illustratingstudy using unique bar charts.A synthetic Anonymous voice comments:”A bar graph with a single strip is not abar graph but a strip which testifies forthe eternity of the lack of rigor of the onewho passed it.»These graphics were produced by Radian6 who isone of the leaders in sentiment analysis.When Radian6 indicates the measured population,this firm gives a unique bar whichmeans 100%.Is it a lack of seriousness?

columnists and of course comedians). We will correct it.

Overall, the GAPPA video is well done,his vitriolic humor which combines a greatknowledge of the subject in avowed bad faith,is part of a relatively rare register in Quebec:the pamphlet. Founded Jun 30, 2012 commodity information. To be continued.