Learn to live in an environment smart but dangerous

The advanced security and microelectronics industries aremeet to take stock.

Montreal, December 18

About twenty organizations gathered to announce the holding of ainternational conference on Internet Security andobjects in September 2013. Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais,responsible for

terrorism cases in the Senate,will chair the conference and US speakers andprestigious Europeans will be present.

as he becomes intelligent. In the form of microprocessors,

The advantages are enormous: better energy management,product traceability,improvement of health follow-ups,simplification of daily tasks.But when these objects are connected to the Internet,we discover the drawbacks inherent in allnetworks:technical failure and human malfeasance (viruses,data theft, vandalism, etc.).

This is why the Conference on Security and the Internet ofobjects will take stock of the governance situation,standardization and security in this market isfully developed, but not yet mature,as well as the main areas of application developmentof the future.

“Quebec has great expertise,both in the field of advanced security and inthat of microelectronics.By creating a synergy between the two areas,we create favorable conditions for the birth of anew industry:the security of the Internet of Things,»Says Jean-Guy Rens, program director.

The 2013 Montreal Conference on Security and the Internetobjects will place the emphasis on infrastructure,either the safety and security of infrastructuretransport (road, metro, railway),energy networks (smart-grid) and those ofhealth (Big Data processing).

The conference will discuss the development of the new clothing industrySecurity in the Internet of Things from a perspectiveinternational regulatory issues,government procurement policies,R&D partnerships as well as of course capitalof risk.

Among the organizations that joined the steering committee,note PROMPT, CRIM,the Canadian Alliance for Advanced Technologies (CATA),the Electronic Industry Group (RIE),Quebec Electronic Manufacturers Association(AMEQ) – The Information Security Association ofQuebec (ASIQ), Ericsson and IBM.Ericsson and IBM.Ericsson and IBM.

Huguette Guilhaumon
Director of the conference