When shopping centers become media

We talked last week about the phenomenon of online commerce merging with offline commerce - what our American friends call O2O (for online-to-offline). The challenge of this interpenetration of online and offline processes is to improve the customer experience. We have seen that China is the most advanced country in the world in this area. We enter a physical store with all the attributes of online commerce… For more information, listen to Jean-Guy Rens' column on RadioVM on June 15, 2020

Merger of e-commerce and physical commerce

The future of commerce is being written in China. Before, when we wanted to know what will be done the next day, we looked at California, Silicon Valley and its iconic companies: Apple, Netflix or Google. Now we are starting to look in China. Now, what do we see in Chinese trade? Of course, online commerce is ubiquitous in China. You only have to look at a street in the big cities and you see a swirl of yellow scooters or vans that deliver goods to homes. To know more, listen to Jean-Guy Rens' column on RadioVM on June 8, 2020

Use of technologies by Quebec in the fight against COVID-19

We have all heard about the technological mobilization to fight against the coronavirus that Asian countries have undertaken: China of course, but also South Korea and Taiwan. These countries have mobilized their technological resources. Meanwhile, in Canada what have we been doing? We confined the population. The whole population. While in Asia, if we except China which was struck first, there was no mass containment. But indiscriminate confinement is an extremely brutal solution. Why haven't we leveraged our science and technology resources to innovate? To know more, listen to Jean-Guy Rens' column on Radio VM dated June 1, 2020.