Prof. Bengio’s difficult quest

To be successful, deconfinement must go hand in hand with an increase in contact tracing to prevent the resumption of mass movements from causing new contamination. What exactly is the tracing? When a person tests positive for COVID-19, a specially trained team conducts an interrogation: who did you meet? or ? when? Then, government specialists contact the people met and summon them to undergo a test in turn ... To find out more, listen to Jean-Guy Rens' column on Radio VM dated May 25, 2020.

Online rituals of death

We have talked a lot about telework in recent weeks, or telemedicine and distance education. This dematerialization of human relations is preparing us for the transformation of the last camp cut off from physical relations where handshakes, hugs and hugs reign… I mean: funerals. We see a new way of accompanying the deceased in a ritual that has not changed for centuries: online funerals. To find out more, listen to Jean-Guy Rens'column on Radio VM dated May 18, 2020.

Spotlight on 5G

In one week, seven telecommunications towers in the Laurentians and Laval were set on fire. Two suspects, rapper Justin-Philippe Pauley, 28, and Jessica Kallas, a 25-year-old model, were virtually arrested in the act. They had just set fire to two towers: a first in Saint-Jérôme and a second in Blainville. Each damaged tower is worth more than a million dollars. What is it that can cause people to burn down telecommunications towers? To find out more, listen to Jean-Guy Rens' column on Radio VM dated May 11, 2020.

The post-crisis period: a different future

Everyone is talking about the post-coronavirus and what will happen to imagine that everything will be different - more ecological, less globalized, in short, more human - or on the contrary that everything will start again as before. But will there be a post-crisis? A threat will always hang over our heads. In this case, some of the actions we take today, voluntarily or out of obligation, are called upon to mark our future. What are these strong trends that are destined to stay? Technologically, first of all, there is full-time, mass teleworking. To know more, listen to Jean-Guy Rens' column on Radio VM dated May 04, 2020.