The challenges of the Quebec sector of embedded systems

The embedded systems sector, such as the entire ICT sector in Quebec,is faced with succession issues.A report from Alliance CATA makes five recommendations to ensure that this industry progresses over the next few years.

In a report that provides a portrait of Quebec embedded systems industry,which was commissioned by the body of body of

promotion of the Canadian Advanced Technologies Alliance (CATA),we underline the existence of several software engineering and engineering programs microelectronics in Quebec universities.

in general. According to study participants, embedded systems industry is not glamorous. The “The succession problem is worse there than anywhere else in the TIC ”, he comments. issuance of shares. However,


The report commissioned by Alliance CATA makes five  recommendations so that the Quebec’s embedded systems industry can progress during the next few years. embedded. This action plan would also be used for the development of an institute of embedded systems. Mr. Rens gives the but also to potential students. “

The other recommendations consist of the creation of a club of principals for on-board systems,by the establishment by the Government of Quebec of a public procurement policy at with regard to on-board systems and the provision of aid for innovation that would be targeted and not universal.

The study on the embedded systems industry of the Alliance CATA was produced by means of a survey in which more than 180 companies participated Canadian companies – including 103 companies from Quebec – and average of 18 interviews with companies,organizations and universities.312 Quebec businesses and a total of 716 businesses in Canada were asked to participate in the study.

Jean-François Ferland is deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine Informatic direction.