The Other Computing – Canada 2012

The Other Computing – Canada 2012

Is Canada ready for the Internet of Things?

The embedded systems industry in Canada is in full development. The CATA Alliance estimates that Canada has approximately 72,000 people working in the field of embedded systems (29,000 in design and development companies, 43,000 in the user sector).

This report of 128 pages + 50 tables includes:

  • A definition of Embedded systems
  • Market Developments and the Role of the State
  • Size and nature of companies;
  • Widespread local outsourcing (not a lot of offshoring)
  • Dominant technologies and operating systems
  • Customers of embedded systems production companies
  • Market strategies (sector and geographic diversification)
  • R&D: cooperation with the University and Colleges.
  • 9 case studies including Bombardier Transportation, IBM Canada, Celestica, etc.

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