The Other Computing

The Other Computing
Study on the future of embedded systems in Quebec

The embedded systems industry in Quebec and Canadais in full development.The CATA Alliance estimates that Quebec has about19,000 people working in the field of systemsembedded (6,750 in design and development companies,12,500 in the user sector).

The typical Quebec company of advanced systems is an SME of31 employees (the average) born after 1980.It withstood the financial crisis of2008-2009 and it does massive R&D.So we should not be surprised if it works inclose liaison with the University.Governments seem to have understood the magnitudeof the stake since Ottawa and Quebecagreed to finance up to 240 milliondollars the creation of aMiQro Innovation (C2MI) collaboration in Bromont.They also finance massive purchases of equipmenttechnology for universities (emSYSCAN project).

Is it sufficient? What are the strengths and weaknesses of Quebec industry? The Canadian Alliance study

The study on embedded systems presents:
  • Technological and international context
  • Profile of Quebec and Canadian industry
  • Description of embedded systems firms:number of employees, customers, projects …projects…projects…
  • Work environment: microprocessors used,operating systems, choice factors …factors of choice …factors of choice …
  • Market strategies
  • Research and development and education
  • Funding
  • Stakes
  • For thought
A series of case studies at the end,presents the portrait of companies of all sizes which are representative of major industry trends:
  • Alizem inc.
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • Celestica
  • Quebec Microelectronics Innovation Center (CIMEQ)
  • CertiChip Inc
  • Econo-Fan
  • Gentec
  • IBM Canada (Bromont)
  • Space Codesign Systems

More than 188 companies based on 716 identified companies have completed the 2011 survey.2/3 of respondents are design-development companies-on-board systems,the rest being made up of users (Bombardier Transport, Nova-Bus,Thales…).

  • The Other Informatics report is now available free of charge.
  • The study is a PDF document. It has been compressed (.zip) in order to facilitate the download.
The other computer (Who will build the Internet of Things?)

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