The student strike is also happening and especially on Twitter

Written by Alexandre Motulsky-Falardeau,Infopresse editions

Sciencetech has just published a study on social networks and the protest movement student in May.on social networks and the protest movement student in May.

The results of the survey show that social media (and among the malmost exclusively Twitter) were at the heart of communications between student associations and their members,but also journalists,police and government.

strike. The hashtags #ggi, From 35% to 45% of these were “retweeted”. From these publications,

Otherwise,the premier of Quebec has been mentioned in 100,000 publications,and the tone used has been generally negative.Sciencetech also notes that the Chariest government has decided ignore social media and there were 14,000 police conversations.

The authors of this research conclude that the government has lost the social media war,that the conversations on Twitter were highly emotional and mainly consisted of personal attacks, and that a parallel can be drawn with the Arab Spring in this means that there have been several calls for elections.